Karthika Deepam actress Premi Viswanath reacts to speculation about leaving the show

Premi Viswanath, who has won a million hearts as Deepa in Telugu's most watched daily soap Karthik to Deepa m Finally, he decided to clarify the rumors about his departure from the program.

In one of her replies to a fan query on Instagram, Deepa confirmed that reports of her quitting Karthik to Deepa m are ‘fake’.

 Viswanath Premium  reacts to rumours

Premi shared a photo on Instagram with one of his closed ones in Kochi that left fans excited. A section of fans who commented on the image also questioned whether she was leaving the program. However, his response has put an end to all the rumors.

Viswanath Premium He also played the female protagonist Karthu, a dark-skinned girl, in Malayalam's original Karuthamuthu . She is reprising her role in the Telugu remake as well. Premi turned a household name with her performance as Deepa aka Vantalakka and is unarguably one of the most popular TV celebs on social media.

The program currently shows the conflict between the main characters Karthik and Deepa aka Vantalakka. While Hima and Sourya are trying to help the estranged couple reunite, Karthik is planning to put a check to Deepa. He recently promised Hima that he will show her mother at her birthday bash. He further invited Sourya and Deepa for the birthday party. Deepa, Soundarya, Sourya and others are clueless about Karthik’s plan.

Meanwhile, Karthik to Deepa m retained in its numero uno position on the rating charts, according to the latest TRP report.