Maharashtra: Farmer ends his life the day his son recites a poem about suicide

NASHIK: Malhari, a 32-year-old farmer from, allegedly ended his life consuming poison Thursday night.

Ironically, that same morning, Batule's son, a class III student at a government school, recited a short poem on the issue of farmer suicide on the occasion of Marathi Bhasa Day.

The young man had stressed the need for farmers to give up taking such a hard step, since it is useless.

Pathardi sources said Batule was taken to a hospital in the city of Ahmednagar for treatment, but then succumbed. At present, the police have registered a case of accidental death.

We believe that the farmer may have ended his life as he had a substantial amount of loan to pay, police sources said.

Police experts added that the farmer had taken a loan of more than Rs 20 lakh and had bought a truck. In addition, it was also his responsibility to pay a loan of Rs 8 lakh that his father had taken to buy a tractor.

“According to the initial information we have, the farmer faced a financial crisis. He found it difficult to pay two installments of loans, ”police sources said.

According to the rules, the police and the local revenue department would conduct separate surveys to determine if the farmer ended his life simply due to the agrarian crisis. The reports would be sent to the district administration panel to assess whether the afflicted family is eligible for monetary compensation from the government.

A cloud of sadness had descended over the village of Bharajwadi after the villagers learned of the incident. The deceased farmer is survived by his wife, three children and their parents.