Delhi: the woman surpassed the protesters, rescued 40 relatives trapped across the rooftops

NEW DELHI: Most of the time she stays at home, doing sewing work to complement her husband's income. The 42-year-old man does not usually venture.

On Tuesday (February 25), when his family members needed help, Mushtari walked a kilometer through roads that had fallen over the mobs, managed to dodge pebbles and petrol bombs, and passed by disturbance groups to reach the trapped members of his extended family in. There were 40 of them and Mushtari managed to get everyone out safely, showing a great mental presence to move the group along the terraces of the houses until they reached a police team that gave them safe passage.

Where she and her husband, Hakeem, live, Mushtari has become a household name. The neighbors call her a hero.

He knew that if someone did not come to them, they would lose their lives, Mushatri said on Saturday, back home, relieved that his nieces and nephews are unharmed. The worst clashes of the riots in northeast Delhi were reported on Monday and Tuesday and one of the most affected areas was Khajuri Khas, where the arsonists have left many homes on fire without recognition.

“I waited all Monday. On Tuesday I left early in the morning, ”said Mushtari. Khajuri Khas is on the main road of Karawal, where crowds had gathered, from Chandu Nagar.

When he arrived at the house where his relatives were, Mushtari realized that there was no exit through the streets. Mobs were everywhere, attacking each other and setting cars, bicycles and houses on fire.

“We were trapped. The next four hours were tense because the mobs were going crazy around us, ”said Mushtari. While they waited, family members coordinated to ensure everyone met in one place.

“When the mafia approached, I asked them to jump from the terrace of one building to the other. The possibility that the mafia would see us would be less if we moved along the terraces (the houses here are irrevocable and the terraces sometimes continuous). He had called people from our neighborhood to help us out. The women who were with me were scared and someone had to guide them, ”said Mushtari, who managed to remain calm by the escape until they met a police team, who stepped them across the main road so they could reach to Chandu. Nagar Along with the police there were more than 100 people from Chandu Nagar who escorted Mushtari and the others.

Mushtari saved eight families, all related, that day. , Hakeem's nephew, was in that group. “Families have lived in Khajuri Khas for many years. The situation became tense on Sunday night, but we were left behind. Now, we are not sure if we can go back there, ”he said.

Mushtari said she wasn't scared; Everything was focused on taking out the members of his family. “We did not receive help despite our pleas. There were men with lathis and gas pumps and the police could not be seen for more than a day. If he hadn't made the decision, they would have lost many lives, he said.

“There are so many children in our family, and most of them are girls. My wife insisted that she wants to go and help them. It's something to be proud of, ”said Hakeem, who works as a worker.