Oprah Winfrey falls to the stage while talking about the balance

Talk show presenter-producer-philanthropist Oprah Winfrey He fell on stage during one of his motivating tours.

Ironically, Winfrey was talking about the balance before he suddenly stumbled and crashed in front of his audience, reports an entertainment website.

Well-being for me means that everything is in balance. And the balance does not mean that all things are equal or at peace at all times, said the 66-year-old woman who put on a white suit before losing her balance and falling to the ground.

Wrong shoes! she joked.

A scene attendant ran to the stage to help her before she stood up and decided to leave her shoes.

It's good to talk about balance and fall, he said.

According to reports, Winfrey's best friend, Gayle King and Meghan markle Doria Ragland's mother. Your lifelong partner Stedman Graham He also reportedly attended the motivational speech on Saturday, February 29.

His special guest at the event was Jennifer Lopez join previous guests as Lady Gaga , Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Michelle Obama. Winfrey is scheduled to conclude his 2020 Vision: his life-in-focus tour on March 7 in Denver, Colorado, with his friend Gayle as a guest.

Her sit-down with Lady Gaga in January was an emotional one as the singer opened up on suffering trauma from sexual assault.