India vs New Zealand, second test: it's nice to see Virat Kohli make mistakes under pressure, says Trent Boult

CHRISTCHURCH: Forcing a world class hitter like virat Kohli making mistakes after building pressure on him was extremely satisfying Trent Boult He said Sunday after his side took control of the second test here.

Boult had figures from 3 to 12, as India dropped to 90 for six in its second inning for a 97-run overall lead at the end of the second day.

The hosts have successfully kept the dangerous Kohli silent during the entire series of tests, as the Indian boss could not reach even 20 races in the four full innings.

He (Kohli) is one of the best players in the world, there's no doubt about that, Boult said, when asked about the secret of keeping Kohli under control.

He said his team's strategy was to pressure Kohli by limiting the border balls.

Obviously, he is a great player for them and we just tried to push him hard enough, keep him silent and absorb those limit balls, and it was nice to see him make some mistakes. We were lucky to get two that lined up and hit him very well on the pads and it was a good feeling to see his back.

Boult also seemed to sympathize with the problems of the Indian batting lineup against moving deliveries.

Probably, they are used to playing in low and slow pitches in India and it took them time to adapt. Like if I play in India, they will be strange conditions for me, Boult said.

The 30-year-old said the conditions were favorable for sewing bowling and he did not care that the ball moved from one side to the other, which resulted in the fall of 16 wickets on the second day.

Sixteen wickets, I'm not sure if that is a record in the cricket test in terms of day two, but the players obviously threw the ball very well and got rewards. Seeing the ball move as it did, I feel we are in a decent position, he said.

He said it is a good omen for the team that the entire bowling department was contributing.

We all enjoy hunting like a pack, making the ball move. I think the bowling unit is very clear about how they are trying to attack the opposition.