Kundali Bhagya Update, February 28: The Luthra family scolds Sherlyn for editing Preeta's video

In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya Kareena asks Rishabh talk to Sherlyn After you get home. Preeta He says Shrishty that she is his heroine In the flashback, Srishty and Karan find Sherlyn’s phone and watch the unedited video.

Rishabh He says Kareena bua that Sherlyn edited the video. Luthra family leaves to go home and Preeta does not get a chance to thank Karan. The Aroras also come back home. Preeta calls Karan, but he does not pick it.

Everyone at Luthra family asks Sherlyn why she edited Preeta ’s video. Dadi He says Sherlyn she has made Luthra family feel ashamed. Sherlyn He says them Preeta pushed Mahira but it wasn't captured in the actual video so she edited it. She says that Preeta wanted to harm Mahira and she doesn't want her to marry Karan .

Mahira adds that Sherlyn did everything for her. Rishabh advises Mahira to stay away from Sherlyn.

Mahesh starts feeling uneasy and Rishabh calls the doctor to visit Luthra house. Sarla makes snacks for everyone at home. Shrishty meets Sameer and He says him that Karan helped her get Sherlyn ’s phone for proof. They both enjoy ice cream together at a roadside stall.

Preeta calls Karan again but Mahira picks up the call and He says Preeta that Karan is trying his wedding outfit. She disconnects the call. Preeta calls again and He says Mahira that she must not pick up someone else’ calls.