Watch Zeenat Aman perform at namma Bengaluru

Big names in the world of acting and drama will captivate theater lovers this Sunday night with a historical love story set in Get out of the Indian movement . 'Dear Bapu, Love Kasturba', a theatrical representation of a love story expressed through letters will also witness the iconic actress of the 70s and 80s: Zennat Aman how Kasturba Gandhi . Written and directed by Saif Hyder Hasan , the play opens with the drama of the Get out of the Indian movement . Gandhi is arrested and sent to the Aga Khan Palace in Pune. Kasturba leads in his absence. She too is arrested and sent to the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai (now called Mumbai). Due to poor health, she is sent to be with Gandhi. A few years later she passed away.

Now, his soul writes letters to Gandhi. These letters evaluate their 60-year relationship. From marriage to death, the letters leave nothing. She writes and Gandhi responds. Nothing is left out: politics, marriage, family, children, sex, company ... letters form the core of this love story.

The play will take place at Jyoti Nivas College on Sunday at 7 pm.