Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Daya, Alina and Reshma return home

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 continues to surprise viewers with unexpected turns. The last episode was no exception since Daya , Alina & Reshma , who left the house to receive medical treatment returned home.

In the weekend episode, Mohanlal asked the housemates whether they miss the contestants who left the house. During the interaction, the host invited Daya & Reshma to the stage & the housemates were seen much excited to see the duo. Later, Mohanlal explained that their illness is still not cured & they need to spend more time at the hospital. But, after inviting Alina to the stage, the host declared that the former is returning to the house. Mohanlal convinced the housemates that out of the three only Alina will be entering the house.

Surprisingly, later, the host announced that all the three contestants will be re-entering the stage. In the interaction with the host, Alina said that she was badly missing the team & added that the BB house is much better than the isolation she had at the hospital.

Later, the trio entered the house & the housemates gave an overwhelming welcome to all.

Daya , Alina & Reshma had left the Bigg Boss house a couple of weeks before due to eye infection. Contestants Sujo, Alsandra & Raghu who also left the program for the same reason he returned home last week.

Besides the re-entry, in the elimination episode, Mohanlal announced that Fukru is safe from the eviction this week.