Playing 'Lost Paradise' relives the pain of cashmere pandits

As part of the biweekly theater scheme from Jawahar Kala Kendra , the play ‘Lost Paradise’ was staged at Rangayan. Directed by Aru Swati Vyas, the play was based on the script by Team Abhinay Gurukul. The pain from Kashmir Pandits It was brought alive in the play.

The play begins with the genocide from 1990. The difficult circumstances faced by the Kashmir Pandits were poignantly depicted in the drama. The use from poetry in the play added a unique dimension to it. The stage, lighting and theatrics in the play helped in bringing out the grim situation from the time.

The actors in the play included: Sudhanshu Mohan, Praful Borana, Nikhil Soni, Ashok Bohra, Himanshu Singhvi, Ishan Purohit, Rajat Arora, Jayant Kachhwaha, Umang patel and Raghuvansh. Other actors included - Deepika, Anita, Swaru Vyas, Swati Vyas, Abhishek Joshi, Umesh and Shweta Khanna. The lights were managed by Aru Vyas, the sound by Himanshu Vyas and the stage decoration by Prafull Borana.