Prithviraj: I will constantly test my limits for Aadujeevitham

director Blessed ’S Aadujeevitham It is emerging as one of the most difficult challenges for its main actor Prithviraj . To play its protagonist Najeeb , the actor has been losing weight for the past three months, and is now ready to start filming the movie in a month.

In a social media post, Prithviraj put up before heading abroad for the movie ’S shoot, which will be either in Jordan or Algeria, the actor said, “It ’S been tough the last couple of months. When I set out on my journey of transformation for Aadujeevitham , I deliberately did not set myself a goal. The idea was to lose as much as I can. But I guess if I did have a goal, I have most probably surpassed it by now. Having said that, the next two weeks are when I’m going to really push myself. And today, I’m leaving the country For two reasons. One, I think it ’S imperative that I take some time off to myself, and I mean just myself before the schedule starts and two, this last stage of my transformation, I think is something that should be seen only when the film hits the screens. So yes, like I promised Blessed chettan and more importantly, like I promised myself, I’m giving it my all.”

The actor also compared how his efforts to play Najeeb are nothing compared to what the character himself had endured. “Over the next 15 days and then through the course of the entire shoot schedule, I will be constantly testing my limits. Physically, mentally and emotionally. And each day, every moment, I will motivate myself with the truth that all my efforts are minuscule and inconsequential when seen in perspective with Najeeb ’S life. At this point, the hunger, fatigue and this immovable will that have taken its place inside me, together create a strangely spiritual aura around each day. And in a lot of ways..that is exactly what Najeeb’s journey was I guess. Every challenge the desert threw at him, crumbled against his immovable faith, his will, his trust in the universe! # Aadujeevitham .... When life, cinema, character and you blur into each other! ” Prithviraj wrote.