Gorintaku Update, February 19: Parvathy catches Janaki

In the last episode of Gorintaku Murthy seeks Parthu Help to sell the bulk stock of saris.

Ambika called Janaki house for that Parvathy can strike a deal with her in order to get back Preethi. Parvathy with the help of Ambika finally traps Janaki by offering money needed for Nivedh Surgery in exchange for sending Preethi back.

While Parthu is worried about selling the stock of sarees, Bheem’s wife says she can buy it.

At home, Janaki and Srivalli have an argument over sending Preethi back to her mom (Parvathy). Janaki reveals that she assured to send back Preethi for the sake of Nivedh ’s surgery. Srivalli refuses to send Preethi and promises to arrange money for Nivedh ’s surgery. Preethi, who overhears the conversation, is overwhelmed by Srivalli’s love for her. But she doesn’t want to trouble Srivalli’s family further. Parthu leaves Srivalli delighted by informing about the new offer they have.

Parvathy makes plans to take Preethi back to Hyderabad and vows to destroy Srivalli’s business soon after getting Preethi back. On the other hand, Ambika is in awe of Parvathy’s tactics in trapping Janaki.

Next morning, Nivedh advises Srivalli not to trust Parthu blindly and be watchful about the deal with Bheem’s wife. Murthy and Srivalli back Parthu. Bheem’s wife likes the saree designs and is keen upon buying the stock of sarees.