Naagin Update March 4, 1: Mili tells the family that Brinda is a 'naagin'

The last episode of Naagin 4 starts with Toast meeting his mother Manyata. She tries to rescue her but Manyata forces her to go away as the enemies are about to come but Toast doesn't leave. In the next scene, Vishakha takes Toast 's avatar and makes Dev feel jealous by dancing with Rajat . Vishakha provokes Dev so that the naagmani within him starts flashing on his forehead, and it does.

Enemies come and attack Manyata . She asks Toast to leave or else they will kill her too. Manyata gives Toast her swear and leaves. The Manyata in this scene was none other than Vishakha herself.

Vishakha continues to provoke Dev and says that it's time for him to die. Dev is upset that Toast is not breaking her relationship with Rajat and why is she playing with his heart.

Toast , on the other hand, blames Dev for everything. Vishakha tries to kill Dev but Toast comes in and the moment she touches him, his naagmani vanishes away.

Toast requests Vishakha to take her avatar and be in the puja. While unconscious, Dev keeps blabbering why did she break her fast from Rajat 's hand. Toast realises that Vishakha is doing all this. Vishakha swears to keep them apart.

Dev and Toast get Swara maa at their place. Lily tells her boyfriend that she is pregnant. Dev asks Toast if she has a multiple personality disorder. Toast starts analysing if Vishakha is really helping her.

Toast starts bleeding from her nose due to low blood pressure. Dev gets her favourite fruit and nut chocolate for her to suppress the bleeding.

Dev finds the pregnancy test kit left by Lily in the bathroom but thinks that Toast is pregnant. He takes her to the bathroom and shows it to her. Toast tells him that it isn't her but he doesn't listen. Dev, in anger, says that Toast needs a doctor.

Toast finds out Lily is pregnant but takes the blame on herself and reveals it to the entire family that she is pregnant. Toast shape shifts and hides herself under the blanket. Her body transits into a serpent without her wish and Toast gets worried. Milli sees Toast in the snake avatar and gets scared.

Milli tells the family that Toast is a naagin.