Sunil Grover drives a Lamborghini in Auckland but there is a turn; watch video

Sunil grover It depends on your usual pranks. The popular comedian, known for his funny posts and ingenious responses on social networks, has shared another video that will make you laugh out loud.

In the clip, you can see Sunil driving a Lamborghini at a slow pace While enjoying the trip, the camera moves towards its brothers who actually push the car from the rear and make it move.

The three also begin to dance, which causes Sunil to get out of the car and scold them for pushing him again. The comedian graciously captioned the video as: Me and my vaguely desperate brothers in Auckland. Dammit! Vinay, Honey and Luv grow up guys!

Sunil last entertained viewers with his act at the end of Bigg Boss 13 , where he imitated the dialogues of popular Bollywood actors. His act was loved not only by Salman Khan and the contestants, but also by Johnny Lever.

Johnny Lever praised Sunil and tweeted: @WhoSunilGrover Mene tumhare performances dekhein hai but # BiggBoss13GrandFinale mein iss baar jitne bhi characters tumne kiye puri perfection ke saath kiye aur tum jo bhi karte ho dil se karte ho, I take my hat off! Shubh Kaamnayein BULLET BULLET (Amitji) Amazing!

A humble Sunil had replied: Thank you, sir. Coming from a legend like you is very important. It motivates me. Greetings.

Sunil is best known for playing characters like Gutthi & Dr. Mashoor Gulati in Comedy nights with Kapil & The Kapil Sharma show respectively.