Trinayani Update, February 23: Dripta asks Sanjukta and Vicky to leave the house

In Trinayani's last episode, Nayan realizes that the boy (Somak), with whom he collided a few minutes ago, is the same person he had seen in his vision. Nayan also realizes that his life is in danger Jasmine He will not forgive him.

She rushes to stop Somak but fails. Nayan hates his bad destiny while Rangana Try to comfort her.

At home, Pratima reports Dripta that Vicky & Sanjukta They are going outside. I have rushes to stop them. Sanjukta tries to tackle the situation but Dripta realizes he is going outside with the property documents.

Dripta tells other family members how Jasmine took Nayan’s signature taking advantage of her eyesight.

Sanjukta tries to tackle the situation by emotionally manipulating Dripta but fails since the latter is already aware of her true colors. He demands her to show the bag but Sanjukta refuses.

Nayan feels helpless as she doesn’t know how to save Somak. Suddenly Tarun notices them. He shares he couldn’t found the place following Nayan’s description. Nayan informs Tarun that the guy whom she saw in her vision, visited the police station. Tarun gets disappointed for not being able to meet the guy. Nayan decides to save the guy from Jasmine .

Dripta fails to find the document in Sanjukta's bag since Vicky had already kept it safe using a trick.

An angry Dripta asks Sanjukta & Vicky to leave the house on the next day, while Jasmine watches this from a distance.

Nayan decides to keep an eye on Jasmine & follow her. Rangana will accompany Nayan while Tarun will be nearby following the plan.

Later, Dripta talks to Thammi & Piku. He decides to search for the property document in Sanjukta ’s room.