Sembaruthi Update, February 26: Parvathy regains consciousness

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , although Parvathy is in an unconscious state, Akhilandeswari , followed by Adithya shares their feelings in front of her. Listening to their words, Parvathy slowly gains consciousness and starts shedding tears.

Adithya observes tears from Parvathy’s eyes and rushes to meet the doctor and update him about the developments. The family members get excited by the latest development. They heave a sigh of relief knowing the possibilities of Parvathy’s recovery.

The doctors give further treatment to Parvathy. Finally, Parvathy gains consciousness. The doctors convey the good news to Adithya, Sundaram , and others. They are delighted with the news but Vanaja gets worriednAs Parvathy regains consciousness, all the family members enter her cabin to meet her. Parvathy observes the absence of the Akhilandeswari and tells that she heard her voice, but she isn't able to see her now. The family members inform Parvathy that she went back home. Purushothaman calls Akhilandeswari and updates about Parvathy 's recovery.n Akhilandeswari breaks down and sheds tears of joy on hearing the good news. Purushothaman suggests Akhilandeswari to visit the hospital again and meet Parvathy. Though Akhilandeswari is happy for Parvathy, she isn't in a mindset to meet her.n Vanaja calls Nandhini and informs her about Parvathy gaining consciousness. A tensed Nandhini asks Vanaja to kill Parvathy at the hospital. Vanaja tells Nandhini it will be hard to materialize the plan.n Adithya vents out his anger on Parvathy for attempting suicide. He explains how much she means to him. Later, they spend some candid moments with each other.