Akshay Kumar will donate 1.5 million rupees to build a house for transgender: Raghava Lawrence

Raghava Lawrence It has been associated with multiple causes, and one of them is its effort to improve the quality of life of transgender people. Now, the actor-director-choreographer has found an ally in Akshay Kumar , who promised to donate to build a house for them.

Lawrence, who’s directing Akshay Kumar in Laxmmi pump , the Bollywood remake of his Kanchana , announced, “I would like to share a happy news. Akshay Kumar sir is donating 1.5 crores for building a Transgender House for the first time in India.

He continued, “As everyone is already aware, Lawrence Charitable Trust has been initiating various projects for education, home and medical facilities for kids and physically challenged dancers. Our trust is now entering its 15th year. We wanted to celebrate this 15th year by initiating a new project for uplifting Transgender s by providing shelter for them. Our trust has provided the land and we were looking forward to raising funds for the building. So, during the shoot of Laxmmi pump , I was talking to Akshay Kumar sir about the trust’s projects and the Transgender s’ home. He immediately told me that he will donate 1.5 cores for building the home. I didn’t even ask him for it! I consider everyone who helps as God. So now, Akshay Kumar sir is a God for us. I thank him for lending his huge support for this project. Our trust’s next vision is to uplift Transgender s and provide shelter for them all over India with Akshay Kumar ’s sir support. I thank him on behalf of all Transgender s. We will inform the bhoomi pooja soon.”

Interestingly, Akshay Kumar will be seen playing a Transgender in Laxmmi pump .