All state governments should say they will not implement NPR: Manish Tewari

NEW DELHI: Congress leader said on Sunday that state governments should stay in unison and say they will not implement the National Exercise (NPR) in the country.

The CAA, NPR, NRC paradigm has torn the soul of the country. There is a spiral of social polarization escalation. The spiral of climbing has three steps: alienation, radicalization and extremism. This has devastating consequences, Tewari told ANI.

The CAA, the NPR and the NRC represent the three steps of the spiral and the unfortunate consequences of this have already developed in Delhi, where so many innocent lives have been lost. Therefore, the government must be aware of the path they are taking. country down. The time has come for all state governments to stand up and say they will not implement the NPR exercise in the country, he added.

CAA = Alienation; NPR = Radicalization; NRC = Extremism. This is the rocky and unfortunate road ahead for this Nation. NDA/BJP has sown the wind. The nation is reaping the whirlwind. Let's defend Save India. SAY NO TO NPR-NRC, Tewari had previously tweeted.

Protests have erupted throughout the country since Parliament passed the AAC last year.

The CAA grants citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Parish, Buddhist and Christian refugees from Pakistan , Afghanistan & Bangladesh , who arrived in India on December 31, 2014 or earlier.