MICA brings together orphans and seniors for a fun-filled day on campus

In an attempt to bring a day of laughter, happiness and union into the lives of children living in orphanages and elderly people living in nursing homes, MICA, Ahmedabad organized an annual one-day carnival ‘ Anand Mela event on your campus.

The student wing of social collaboration of MICA organized the carnival on the subject ‘ Kal Aaj aur Kal ’ and brought nearly 200 orphans and nursing home residents to campus.

Speaking of the same, Aakriti Ananya, freshman and member of Jagriti He said: “Every year, we invite the children of the school to spend a day at MICA, where they act and interact with the MICAn community, and play several games in a fun and fair environment for them. This year, in addition, we invite seniors from nursing homes, as they crave too much interaction and the unique bond with children

The whole day included events such as dance shows of the students of the Association of the Blind, MiCreche, the elderly and children of schools and orphanages; A magic show and a fun and fair with several games and attractions for all guests. A free eye check and a session on acupressure were also organized especially for older adults.

Khatri Ramnarayan, 83, of Jeevan Sandhya, said: “I love music a lot and I have recorded more than 200 of my songs. Young people these days have no appreciation for good melodies. I see them plug those headphones and then move their heads like pigeons and I think it's very silly. Most young people these days are afraid to act because they fear that people will judge them. Young people need to work harder. People can only appreciate if you let them see you. Carnival is a good idea for all of us to understand and interact with each other. ”

Sharing his experience, Swati Sharma, a sophomore, said: “I was overwhelmed by the experience. It was like being teleported to the old days when we used to visit our grandparents during summer vacations and be spoiled with the unconditional love and attention they gave us. In particular, I loved his enthusiasm and enthusiasm for life.