Update from Manjil Virinja Poovu, February 25: Manu falls in love with Anjana again

The last episode of Virov Poovu Manjil start with Mallika lashing out at Suja. She criticizes Suja for misunderstandings Anjana . Hearing this, Suja feels guilty and starts crying.

On the other hand, Manu and Anjana get ready to visit the temple. Anjana packs Manu 's food and medicines. She takes good care of him and the duo tend to start from the house. Mallika gets happy noticing them together. Mallika suggests them to go alone and gives the car key to Anjana. Manu gets surprised to learn that Anjana has learned driving. He tells Mallika that he also wishes to go along with Anjana.

On the way, Manu gives some driving tips to Anjana and tries to impress Anjana. Later, the duo visits the temple and later a beach as well.

Meanwhile, Mallika calls Anjana and enquires about Manu. Anjana tells Mallika that Manu is in fact enjoying his outing. Mallika gets and also suggests Anjana to call Manu 's doctor.

Manu is seen enjoying his time with Anjana. I have notices a couple near him and recollects his special moments with Anjana. He also dreams about having a romantic time with her.

The episode ends when Manu slipping and falling into the sea. On the other hand, Anjana is seen talking to Manu 's doctor over the phone.