Karan Patel's wife, Ankita, kisses her baby's feet; share photo of the happy moment

Karan Patel and his wife Ankita Bhargava They are making the most of their time with their baby, Mehr , who was born in December of last year. While the two have not really shown their faces on social networks, they do share some adorable photos of their little munchkin.

Ankita shared a photo today where she can be seen kissing her daughter's feet. She called him more beautiful than a kiss on the forehead. When going through the photo, it actually seems a happy moment between the mother-daughter duo.

The actress wrote with her photo: This ... is more beautiful than The Forehead Kiss #rabbdimehr.

Recently Karan Patel, who is currently seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 , he shared with TimesOfIndia.com that he does his part of dad's duties.

He said: I learned to wrap it. Wrapping is when you wrap the baby in that muslin cloth. Yes, I also change diapers when possible or probable if I am close and Ankita (Bhargava) is busy. with some.

Considering that raising a baby requires much more sacrifice on the part of the mother, the actor shared: It is a sincere greeting to mothers around the world. Now that I have seen it firsthand, I have not seen efforts or pain, but how strong a mother is within her, willing to do and find a small child to raise her in the first four or five months, at least until the Child start crawling.

He added: Sleepless nights and there is tremendous physical stress in the mother. Having seen all that, I think all the parents in the world should probably be grateful that they have their best halves that are doing the most difficult job in the world.