Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: the weekly homework evokes another discussion at home

The second season of big boss Malayalam has witnessed many fights and fights since the first week. The last episode of the program was no exception, since the contestants returned to block the horns during the weekly task.

On the 51st day, big boss announced the new weekly task. In the task, the housemates are assigned to play the role of miners who are supposed to find gold & gems from the specially designed area. Interestingly, only two contestants who touch the activity area door qualify to play the game.

The first round of homework went well as Sujo & Shaji played the game with a sportive spirit. But, in the second round, Sujo alleged that he is the one who touched the door first, but Veena defended that she did it first. This triggered an argument & Fukru supported Veena stating that he saw her touching the door after him. On the other hand, Rajith who was safeguarding Sujo 's gold & gems argued that it is Sujo who should play the task.

During the argument, Sujo alleged that Furku is favouring Veena because of their bond. Whereas, Fukru defended that Rajith is favouring Sujo acknowledging the pact they ( Sujo & Rajith ) have.

Finally, big boss announced a re-play for the round & Sujo managed to win it for the second time. Later, Sujo was lauded by big boss for his brilliant effort, as he managed to play the task thrice.