Neelakkuyil Update, February 25: Adithyan receives a surprise from Ravi

In the recent episode of Neelakkuyil, Ravi brief about his visit from Poompara to Malathi. He reveals that the Captain has learned about Adithyan wedding with Kasthoori . Malathi gets shattered and questions Ravi. Ravi says that he has also revealed that they knew it before.

The next morning, Ravi meets Adithyan and informs the same to him. Adithyan gets shattered and he panics. He is afraid if Captain would take some decisions against him.

In Radhanilayam, Radhamani is upset about Sharath 's decision to give his wealth to Kasthoori. She thinks that the only way to stop it is to bring Rani back to the house. Radhamani calls Rani but the latter disconnects the call.

Radhamani decides to meet Sharan and goes to his office. Surprisingly, Rani and Sharan reach the office together and Radhamani gets furious. She shouts at Rani for spoiling the reputation of the family. Hearing this, Rani replies that she has all the right to chose her life. Sharan intervenes in the conversation and requests the duo to stop the argument. But, Radhamani confronts Sharan for spoiling her daughter's life.

Later, Rani meets Sharan and apologises on behalf of Radhamani. She is upset that no one is understanding her. Sharan tries to console her. Meanwhile, Radhamani enters the room and apologize to Sharan. She also requests Rani to return to the house. But, Rani says that she will not return to Radhanilayam as Sharath has embarrassed her.