Delhi: BSF takes a step forward to help Jawan rebuild his home

NEW DELHI: (BSF) will help his jawan, Mohammad Anees, rebuild his burned house during the recent ravages. On Saturday, BSF DIG visited Anees' house and assured his parents all possible help from the paramilitary force. BSF engineers, who will assess the extent of the damage, accompanied him.

Speaking to TOI, Rathore confirmed that BSF will help rebuild the house and compensate the Jawan family. “BSF is always there for our men and their families. We came here to show our support for the Anees family, Rathore said.

“As soon as we heard about the terrible experience of BSF Jawan and his family, we contacted the father and sent our men here. We will provide compensation to the Anees family and our engineering team is already assessing the damage, said the DIG, who also inspected the entire building.

The 29-year-old jawan is expected to marry in a few months. We should be able to help him get his house back in good shape before that, Rathore added.

Addressing the large crowd that had gathered at Anees' house, Rathore said: Several riots have occurred in the country, but people begin to live together in harmony even after that. I hope that happens here too.

Telling how his house was lost in just three hours, Mohammad Munees, Jawan's father, said: It all started in the morning and continued for three hours. The mafia first burned a car near our house and then started throwing gasoline pumps. I tried to call the police but they arrived too late. After I was escorted, the mafia entered the house and burned everything. They also stole several items.

However, despite all the loss, Munees has a message of peace to share. “I want to give the brotherhood message to everyone who lives in the area. We have been living here for more than 30 years and I wish people also stay together in harmony in the future, ”he said.