Woman gives birth to sextuplets in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: No twins, triplets or quadruples, in a rare case, a woman in Sheopur gave birth (six children) on Saturday. Both newborns died immediately after birth, while the four men survived and were admitted to the hospital (SNCU).

The parents' first reaction after birth was a shock, hospital staff said. The mother was not informed about the death of two babies.

It was a normal birth for Moorty Mali, 22, the wife of a worker and a resident of the village of Baroda, 22 km from the district headquarters, who gave birth to six babies in the morning. This was her first pregnancy.

The hospital's civil surgeon, Dr. RB Goyal, said: “It was a normal delivery. Those who survived weighed between 500gm and 790gm.

The total weight of the six babies was 3.65 kg. Each of the two who did not survive weighed about 350-400 g, the civil surgeon said. The birth of twins or even triplets is common, but sextuplets are extremely rare, he added. additional.

The sources said the couple had first arrived at the primary health center in Baroda. They were immediately referred to the district hospital. Accompanied by her husband Vinod and her mother-in-law, Moorthy arrived at the district hospital around 8.45 in the morning.

All babies were delivered within half an hour from 9 a.m. until 9.30 a.m., hospital staff said.

Dr. Aruna Kumar, head of the Gynecology department of the Gandhi School of Medicine in Bhopal, said: This is extremely rare, one in a billion, I've only seen one case of sextuplets in the last 30 years.

He also said that the survival rate of these babies is very low, since they have an extremely low weight.

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