Madurai: Spread menstrual hygiene with homemade pads

MADURAI: To raise awareness about the use of safer sanitary napkins, T Kannamma de Madurai set aside his passion for the home-based food business and began manufacturing cotton sanitary napkins as an alternative to non-biodegradable towels that can have side effects .

My husband runs a home-based food business. I was involved in volunteer services when I became interested in learning to use herbs and natural elements to lead a healthier life. I was inspired to try to make sanitary pads based on nature as it is important as food and water. I did a little research and I came up with this final product, Kannamma, a housewife from Iyer Bungalows, told TOI. The 42-year-old housewife Paruthi Pen Mooligai napkin is a completely cotton-based disposable that lasts up to 4-6 hours with surgical cotton used as the main absorbent.

A typical napkin has an outer layer made of pure cotton fabric, an additional second layer of fine pure cotton fabric, a third absorbent layer of surgical cotton with antibiotic agents, a cloth canvas such as the fourth layer and a final bottom layer made Paper Canvas sheet for stiffness. Everyone has a unique period. Therefore, the main objective for me was to reach customers directly with one more reason for service. He always gave them a trial period to discover their needs. When I interacted with them, many had doubts and this initiated a dialogue. Especially those with menstrual problems were looking for alternative and safer products, said Kannamma, who is helped by her sister S Radha and Sumathi R in their effort.

What makes these napkins preferable is the use of neem powder, aloe vera and tirphala (a mixture of herbs) as anti-biotic agents. Its presence relieves the bad smell of menstrual blood.

Soon I began to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene in schools because that is where change can occur. There, I learned how the children were fighting. Many cannot use regular pads due to discomfort. Some children wore clothes or said goodbye during their vacations. point, Kannamma added. With student comments, Kannamma is trying to make napkins more comfortable. Napkins are also safe for disposal by burning them.

The product comes in three sizes XL, XXL and XXXL, and costs 150, 160 and 180 for a package of six. Orders can be made through calls or WhatsApp.