I had a complete change from being Akhil of Agnisakshi to Aneesh of Aramane Gili: Rajesh Dhruva

Kannada actor Rajesh Dhruva rose to fame as Agnisakshi It’s Akhil. The actor, who is seen portraying the role of 'Aneesh' in the daily soap ' Aramane Gili ', he has completed filming since his character will no longer be part of the show.

In an exclusive conversation with Thetimesofindia, the actor spoke about his guest appearance in Aramane Gili.

I was quite surprised when I received a call from the makers of Aramane Gili. When I enquired, they told me that the character will be a part of the show for approximately 20 episodes.

And he adds: Personally I feel it is an honor for an artist to have a special appearance in any show and I felt that this was the right platform to show my performance. Many times I wondered if the creators had me in mind when pointing to this particular character of Aramane Gile.

Speaking more about his guest role in Aramane Gili, Rajesh says he is fortunate enough to bag a new project as soon as he concluded the shooting in Agnisakshi.

After Agnishakshi concluded its journey, I was looking for a change and that's when Aramane Gili came in my way. There are a lot of differences between both of my on-screen characters. From performance to attire and mannerisms, I had a complete makeover from being Agnisakshi 's Akhil to Aramane Gili' s Aneesh, shares the actor.

With his character concluding its journey soon in Aramane Gili, the actor goes down the memory lane and shares his experience when he shot for a fight sequence.

I am lucky because I had the opportunity to act for a fight sequence. Although I have done a fight sequel on my own project, this is the first time I have the opportunity to film a complete fight sequence under the guidance of the fight master. , log out of Rajesh.