Ke Apon Ke Por Update, February 25: The court verdict goes in favor of Joba and Sarthak

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By Joba wakes up with a nightmare and calls Param. She cares about Kuhu It's wellbeing. Param goes to Kuhu’s room and assures Joba that she is alright.

Joba returns to his cell. She is still lost in her thoughts. Tandra notices her and gets happy. She (Tandra) has planned something to harm Kuhu.

Next day, Param drops Kuhu at her school. She wants to accompany Param to the court as she is eager to meet her mom. Param convinces the kid and asks her to attend the class. Param is extremely worried about the verdict. Sanjay , in disguise of a balloon seller, keeps an eye on Param and Kuhu.

The family members reach the court to know the verdict. They all are worried. Mitti breaks down seeing her mom. Tandra seems to be confident.

Outside of the court, common people protest demanding justice for Joba. Reporters are also present outside the court. The session in the court starts. Joba notices Tandra is quite confident which leaves her worried.

The judge announces that Supratim and Rocky are the main culprits and punishes them. Sapnamay and Mitti are also punished.

Sarthak It is free of all charges. The judge decides to fine Joba. All family members gave a sigh of relief.