You must maintain courtesy in the language as well: RSS

NEW DELHI: In an apparent reference to the controversial comments of BJP officials such as Kapil Mishra, and after the anti-CAA campaign, RSS has expressed strong reservations against the language and expressions used and reminding them of the virtues of modesty and moderation.

Senior functionary on Friday said Lord Ram is remembered as “Maryada Purushottam”, only because he maintained modesty even in the language he used. Though he did not take names, the RSS joint general secretary called for decorum in language in social and political life. Speaking on the second day of “Ayodhya Parv” here, Hosabale said it is ironic that the whole world bows to Lord Ram but devotees in His own country had to wait for long for a government order to initiate construction of the temple.

The comments came in the context of the Supreme Court that decided the long pending litigation last year. We must maintain modesty in social and political life ... this was also the message of Lord Ram, he said, sending a message that the actions of a section of BJP members, accused of making incendiary speeches, have not failed . Good with the Sangh.

“Lord Ram was “Maryada Purushottam”and he maintained maryada (civility) in language too. His message in today’s context is that one should not speak whatever comes to mind ... rather one should be careful in the language ,” he said at the meet organised by MP Lallu Singh. “One should maintain civility in social and political life. This is the message of Lord Ram,” Hosabale said.

On Thursday, the law minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, made it clear that the top management of the BJP does not approve the statements of Mishra, Thakur and Verma, which have been cornered by their speeches.