Jharokha romance

There is something romantic in the jharokhas. For the uninitiated, it is the windows that stand out with a closed balcony that comes from Rajasthan. Beautifully carved structures are used to cover windows in royal palaces, a reason why they evoke images of Rajput women looking from their carefully constructed structure. Real, elegant, sophisticated, the appeal of jharokha is its timeless elegance. There is history, style and aesthetics that can animate your space.

Now, the jharokhas are moving beyond the windows. For example, small ones are used as a photo frame, while others are used in temples or to hold mirrors. Art historian and architecture restorer Sunita Kohli says there is a greater fascination for the jharokhas of those interested in Indian culture.


Kohli adds: The Jharokhas were always viewed favorably and now there is growing confidence for not rejecting our own culture. This is the only element that can add depth to your living space. ” While designing a five-star property in Bhubaneshwar, he used different types of jharokhas in the dining room.

This season, the design of the windows is changing the appearance of our houses. In contemporary architecture, the windows stand out prominently. Modern houses make extensive use of large and unique window designs to let in lots of natural light. And a jharokha fits perfectly with its strong traditional aesthetic.

The jharokha is more formal and ornamental than the English or French oriel and is one of the most distinctive elements of medieval Indian architecture until the 19th century. Interior designer Anuradha Aggarwal says: “The jharokhas have seen a transformation in recent years. The interpretation of a jharokha is beyond decoration. Decorating windows has a positive psychology, since they are the eyes of your home, they provide energy and how you see the outside world. Interesting jharokhas enliven the room. He also adds that jharokhas are now used as decorative pieces and come in different shapes and sizes. Tip: If you have a bright painted wall, use a wooden jharokha to give it a lovely look. It is a trend worth observing.