Fashion has a deadly turn in Spectrum

Day 2 of Spectrum , National Institute of Fashion Technology , The annual Hyderabad festival saw the long-awaited fashion show that had the students of the last semester as designers. Divided into groups of six, students designed outfits with unconventional materials such as plastic, paper, wood, metals, etc. Based on the Mexican Day of the Dead theme, these creations celebrated death with skulls, bones, flowers and insects.

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Daggubati Frog and Tejaswini Manogna, who were special guests on the occasion, appreciated the students. All the fashion and style choices I've made in my time as an actor have been influenced by people from NIFT . I really admire designers and design students for choosing art over all. Keep creating and keep expressing yourself through your art, Rana told the cheers of the students. The two-day festival came to an end with stellar performances by Gippy Grewal and rapper Spacetime, which made the students become fashionable with their party hits.

Waste. do not! : The Students of NIFT created their outfit s using materials like wood, plastic, metals

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Take me Home : A NIFT student walks down the ramp in a red and black attire inspired by the dragon that guides souls to eternal peace after death

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Rock 'n' roll of horror: The eclectic style of Elvis Presley had a turn of the Day of the Dead

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Turn it as a monroe: The iconic dress of Marilyn Monroe receives a recycled spin to go with the theme of the Day of the Dead

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Kahloesque colors: A student sports an attire inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and the vibrant colours she used in her self-portraits

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It is not a monkey business: A design inspired by the Mexican spider monkey that is said to guide the soul after death.

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Monarch and the muse: The portraits of Amrita Sher-gil represented as monarch butterfly undergoing metamorphosis

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Web of life: A NIFT ian models a spider-inspired attire made using plastic and other waste

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Freedom's favorite son: An attire paying tribute to forgotten freedom fighter Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

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