Kapil Sharma asks Dia Mirza if he should flirt directly with her; she reminds him of 'thappad'

In tonight's episode of The Kapil Sharma show actors Mirza day & Taapsee Pannu will make an appearance together with the director Anubhav Sinha . Going by the teaser, it seems the three will have a lot of fun with Kapil & his team.

In the video, Kapil welcomes all three. He tells the audience that the last time they came for a morning session with Akshay Kumar, they were given Rs 20 lakh. The comedian then asks Anubhav how much they will get this time. This makes everyone laugh out loud.

Kapil asks Dia if he would like tea or coffee, or if he should start flirting with her directly. Dia reminds him of the theme of his next movie, but Kapil tells Thappad to give nahi lagta memsahab, pyaar se lagta hai.

Kapil jokingly asks Anubhav Sinha why he has shifted from making films on romance, & what has made him lose his faith in it. The comedian pulls Taapsee's leg for not believing in breaking the coconut on the first day of the shoot (which is usually considered auspicious).

Kapil also asks the guests which celebrity they would like to take a selfie with. Taapsee picks up sport stars & Mirza day shares she wants it with Amitabh Bachchan. They ask Kapil & he takes Sidhu's name.

In another preview, Sapna ( Krushna Abhishek ) enters to scene. She reveals that she is promoting the Taapsee movie slapping everyone. He adds that when the murder of Mahesh Bhatt was released, residents of his colony even killed some to promote it.

Sapna asks for tips to become Miss Asia Pacific from Mirza day . She also asks Anubhav Sinha about Shatrughan Sinha. And then goes on to explain the 'Tehzeeb' massage. Take a look: