This funny meme about Karthika Deepam leaves Nirupam Paritala divided; view photo

Karthik to Deepa m He manages to keep fans hooked with his emotional narration. Many fan pages on social networks often post memes on the popular show and one of those memes has caught the attention of lead actor Nirupam Paritala, who plays the role of Dr. Karthik, also known as Doctor Babu on the show.

A hilarious meme about the central point of the show's conflict has left the actor in the division and could not resist sharing this in one of his recent Insta stories.

The meme hilariously connects the crack between Karthik and Deepa aka Vantalakka, the main main roles of the program, for President Trump The visit of India. In the meme, First Lady of the United States. Melania Trump asks Mr. President if they can leave for the US after helping Karthik and Deepa reunite, the latter quips that they can never return to home then.

Nirpam on KD meme

Karthik and Deepa got separated after the former accused the latter of infidelity. After 8 years, their daughters are now trying to help their estranged parents reunite. The sequence of Karthik trying to divorce Deepa and the court's verdict in the case has created a huge buzz on social media.

Karthik to Deepa m has been the most-watched Telugu daily soap from quite some time now, as per TRP reports. The Telugu remake of Malayalam show Karuthamuthu stars Premi Viswanath, Archana Ananth, Sobha Shetty, Sangeetha Kamath, Krithika, Amrutha and others in pivotal roles.