MP: Three arrested for the 10-year murder, the first defendant admits sodomizing child

BHOPAL: One day after the decomposed body of a 10-year-old boy was found near the train tracks, police on Saturday arrested three defendants accused of kidnapping and murder of the child.

The trio had allegedly attracted the boy on the pretext of a picnic and then took him to a forest area near Sanjeev Nagar where they drank together and bathed in a pond. Upon returning, the first defendant in the case sodomized the child. When he protested, the defendant allegedly strangled him to death because he feared the boy would reveal the incident to his family.

The other two defendants had returned home on their bicycle before the murder, but did not reveal the picnic to the police.

SP (North) said the defendants have been identified as, 26 years, a resident of Nariyalkhera in Gautam Nagar, his cousin Gopal Yadav aka Lalu, 19, a resident of Shahjehanabad, and Amardeep aka Mattu Yadav, 21, a resident of Shahjehanabad The three defendants work as employees in the BMC.

SP Chouhan said that during the investigation, the boy's relatives told police that the deceased knew Lalu and used to visit his father's dairy in Ahir Mohalla, near the house, to observe and play with the cattle. He was last seen in the dairy until 2 p.m. on February 22. Acting on this information, the police arrested Lalu and interrogated him. SP Chouhan said that Lalu told police that he, along with Arun and Mattu, had taken the boy to a pond near Sanjeev Nagar on his bicycle. Before arriving at the place, they bought a bottle of liquor. As the road to the pond was bumpy in the forest area, two of them reached the pond on their bike while Arun and the younger boy arrived on foot. The three defendants consumed alcohol in the pond and then bathed.

SP Chouhan said that upon returning, Lalu and Mattu got on the bike and Arun along with the younger boy followed them on foot. Arun revealed that he sodomized the boy near the train tracks. But when he started screaming in pain, Arun strangled him. At that time, Lalu and Mattu, who were waiting for them on the bike across the train tracks on the road, called him repeatedly. Arun tried to deceive them by saying that the boy had returned with them.

SP Chouhan said Arun has been leaking since then. He is a drunk and has not been to his house in the last three years, so the police could not find him initially. He didn't even report to work. Lalu and Mattu also hid the information that they had gone to the pond with the younger child. When the police arrested Lalu and Mattu, the police discovered that Arun had given his ATM card to a friend and was asking him about the salary credited to his account. When the police found Arun's friend, he was also arrested.

Arun has confessed to sodomizing the child and killing him.