Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Update, February 27: Gurunath exploits Maya's anger towards Radhika; conspiracies against his ex-wife

In the recent episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Gurunath call KD and inform him that Shanaya and her mom got arrested for leaving the restaurant without paying the bill. Gurunath asks KD to rescue them as soon as possible.

Saumitra & Yashwant Praise Radhika for her presentation skills. An annoying Maya leaves the office after seeing Radhika's appreciation.

Later, Maya goes to meet Gurunath & informs him that she felt insulted because Yashwant appreciated Radhika for the presentation. Maya also tells Gurunath that she made the presentation but Radhika got the credits. Gurunath provokes Maya & informs her that he will be coming to her house to explain the plan against Radhika.

On the other hand, KD goes to the restaurant to rescue Shanaya & her mom. The restaurant owner asks Shanaya ’s mom to clean the plates. KD sees Shanaya 's mom & tries to convince the owner. He clears the bill & releases Shanaya & her mom.

The same day, Radhika & Saumitra talk about Yashwant ’s decision. Radhika hints Saumitra that Maya is upset because Yashwant declared her (Radhika) as the CEO of the company. Saumitra tries to convince Radhika & requests her to stay calm. While they discuss work, Gurunath interferes & congratulates Radhika for the promotion as a CEO. Radhika gets disturbed & leaves.

Radhika & Saumitra reach Radhika Masale ’s office. Shreyas, Panvalkar, Jenny congratulate Radhika for becoming the CEO of SB Company. Radhika gives credits to Radhika Masale & thanks everyone for their wishes.