Victories, rivalries and grunts: the 28-year legacy of Maria Sharapova

box On February 26, Maria Sharapova, former No. 1, five-time Grand Slam winner and world sport star, announced that she was saying goodbye to tennis. The ice queen retired after a 28-year career that included many titles, losses and even a prohibition of drug abuse sport. Not only is she a tennis player, Sharapova was the highest paid female athlete until 2016 and she was also a model and businesswoman. Sharapova, who left the racket at 32 when he was number 373, started playing tennis when he was only four years old. It was in 2004 when he beat Serena Williams and won Wimbledon at the age of 17 and rose to worldwide fame. But its fall began in 2016 when it was suspended for using a banned drug to improve performance. The suspension ended in 15 months, but Sharapova could not return its original form to court. Citing recurring problems with his right shoulder, the tennis star in his retirement letter said his body had become a distraction. Since returning to the WTA Tour in spring 2017, Sharapova played a total of 73 games. She had 45 wins. A title and a great quarter-final. However, his form was not the only topic of conversation in his glorious career.


The racket on the court

Sharapova was famous for being one of the noisiest whining of the game. While some did not see a problem, others, including their rivals, claimed that it was only a tactic to get the opponent out of their game. One of his rivals even said that Sharapova was too loud and annoying. In the course of his career, his shrieks have reached up to 101 decibels. A news website said that crescendos an A6 note at age 27, which is an octave above a soprano singer. However, criticism from his rivals almost never mattered to Sharapova: I have been the same in the course of my career. No one important enough has told me to change or do something different, she replied after being called by her grunts. Returning it to sexists

Throughout his career, either while talking to the press or calling the authorities, Sharapova did not turn a blind eye to unbridled sexism in the world of tennis. In January of this year, she hit the Brisbane International bosses after the players, including Sharapova, were forced to leave the main court to make room for the men's inaugural ATP Cup. Sharapova said the Brisbane women's international tournament felt second-hand. There are many girls who deserve that place on the central court. You definitely recognize it and notice it. It feels like a second hand event, ”he said. In 2012, when Frenchman Gilles Simon said that women in tennis did not deserve to be paid as much as men because the male game is more attractive, Sharapova replied with a simple: I am sure there are some more. people watching my games than yours, so ... And this time, even Serena was on his side.

2015-maria-sharapova-beats-serena-williams A fight for life with Serena Williams

The claws (from both ends) have been out since Sharapova defeated Williams in 2004. Both ladies, on several occasions, have investigated each other's personal and professional life. In his autobiography, Sharapova wrote that it all started in 2004 when Williams, distraught, after her loss of Wimbledon, told a friend (who later told Sharapova) that she would never lose with that little bitch again. She even wrote about how Serena hated her for being the skinny girl who hit her, against all odds, in Wimbledon. I think he hated me for taking something I thought belonged to him. As for his rivalry off the court, in 2013, when a journalist assumed that Williams was talking about Sharapova when he called someone bored while referring to his personal life during an interview, Maria told the press: “If she wants Talk about something personal, maybe you should talk about your relationship and your boyfriend who got married and is getting divorced and has children. He was referring to Patrick Mouratoglou, who at that time was training Serena. However, the rivalry was not only with Serena. Sharapova was known for isolating herself from the rest of the tennis world. In an interview in 2013, she said: I am not really close to many players. I think just because you are in the same sport does not mean you have to be friends with everyone.

A costume star on the court


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Fashion-2 Sharapova mainly used his custom tennis shoes. Along with their initials/name/signature, the shoes also featured 5 X, which represented their five Grand Slam titles


While defending his Wimbledon title in 2005, the sports star was seen wearing gold-stained shoes that estimated more than $ 500