Mantri's new save against anti-nationals

SHIVAMOGGA: Agriculture B C Patil repeated on Saturday his controversial comment that those who raise slogans against India should be shot dead.

People who raise slogans like Pakistan are anti-nationals. Anyone who dares to say Hindustan Zindabad in Pakistan will be beheaded in five minutes. Aren’t people residing in India and shouting ‘ Pakistan Zindabad’ traitors?” he asked. This is a repeat of the comment that Patil, a former police officer, made last Sunday at Chitradurga that anti-nationals should be shot dead. When asked about it, he defended his statement and said he “will repeat it anywhere in India”.

He also urged to frame the laws to address such anti-national elements. Two weeks ago, Karnataka's tourism minister, C T Ravi, had tweeted in support of the Union minister, who led a crowd to sing the motto to shoot the traitor at an election rally in Delhi. Anti-nationals should receive a bullet and not Biryani, he had tweeted. Minister of Revenue R Ashoka He had said that anyone engaged in anti-national activities should be shot dead.