Does your clothes smell once out of the dryer? We found 5 guilty

Clothes sanitizers and aroma enhancers have a great market just because almost everyone detests the smell that comes from washed clothes once they leave the dryer. But have you ever wondered why your clothes smell even after washing? There could be 5 possible culprits and it is important to know the reason behind these smells because that way you can get rid of them.

Are you overloading your machine?

Even if you have the largest capacity washing machine, overloading the bathtub is never a good idea. Once the bath is overloaded, the machine will not be able to clean the clothes properly, leaving the smell bacteria on the clothes. Try not to overload the bathtub, always wear three less clothes.

Wet clothes in the bathtub for a long time? For most of those who face a busy lifestyle, working late at night prefers to start the cycle either at night or while out of the office, so when they return from work or wake up at work. morning. This leaves the clothes in the bathtub for a long time, which eventually makes them smelly.

Mold inside the edge of the door strap

If you clean your machine regularly, there may still be a possibility of skipping the edge of the door belt. The mold is easily deposited inside the edge of the rubber door belt that spreads the smell on the clothes. Open the edge and clean the mold with a clean cloth and the results will surely be better.

Extremely sweaty clothes

It is recommended that you wash your gym or workout clothes separately because extreme sweat on clothes can spread bad-smelling bacteria to other items that are not easily washed.

Elastic items

Yes, elastics in clothing emit gases as a byproduct of the chemical process that goes through and can be an important reason behind bad odors in clothing. The wide waist of the underwear could be the real culprit of the problem. Therefore, when washing underwear separately, do not increase the temperature, wash it at normal temperature.