MICA students organize storytelling workshop for children of Balgram

As part of the Urban Impact Project (IPU) at MICA, students recently organized a storytelling workshop focused on personal hygiene and cleaning for Balgram children at the Shreyas Foundation. Balgram at the Shreyas Foundation provides equal opportunities to children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and homeless children.

As part of the IPU, which aims to equip students with strategic thinking, leadership skills and how to connect their domain knowledge with real-world problems, MICA students are working to provide innovative solutions to help instill certain skills. for life and vocational training for children.

As part of their ongoing work, the students had recently invited Mahashweta Maheshwari, a social science researcher and creative story writer to explain the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to 15 Balgram children through storytelling and drawing activities.

As part of the session, the students also made an instant broom using the neem sticks found on the Shreyas campus, in sync with the theme of cleaning.

Four students from MICA Kuldeep Rajpurohit, Zubin Darbar, Mallika Fatehpuria and Mohammad Salman Khan are part of the Balgram project.

About urban impact projects (IPU): Balgram is one of the Urban Impact Project (IPU) projects launched this academic year. The goal of UIP is to equip students with strategic thinking, leadership skills, teamwork and how to connect their domain knowledge with real-world problems. Through these projects, MICAs have the opportunity to leave an impact on the ecosystem with which they interact during the two years on campus. They can work for companies, government organizations, non-profit organizations or on their own ideas that have a commercial and/or social impact. Students participate in activities that include identification and ideation of problems, proposal and development of the project, launch and implementation of the project and closing of the project during the six months.