Gattimela Update, February 25: Arthi gets excited

In the last update of Gattimela , Amoolya sees Vedhanth entering the gym and quickly hides in a room. Enter the room where you see a picture of Lord Hanuman. She starts a conversation with the photo of Lord Hanuman and asks her not to see her in the gym, since Vedhanth might assume that she is following him.

After waiting for a while in the room, Amoolya notices that Vedhanth concentrates on his training session. Realizing the same, Amoolya takes advantage and manages to escape from the gym.

After a while, Amoolya returns home together with Dhruva. Aditi is upset when he realizes that Arthi will be getting married soon. Arthi gets excited and comforts Aditi. Amoolya also has watery eyes. The sisters hug and share a nice moment.

On the other hand, Sahithya visits Vedhanth's house and notices Suhasini in a disturbed state. However, Sahithya decides to remain silent and asks nothing.

Meanwhile, Suhasini notices that Vikranth goes out to meet Arthi and stops him. She asks him not to go anywhere since he is the boyfriend. Vikranth argues with Suhasini but fails since she is very firm with her words.

With no options left, Vikranth returns to his room. Simultaneously, Vedhanth also comes home from the gym. Suhasini asks him to take Sahithya to dinner. Vedhanth agrees.