First death, cases of unexplained viruses in 3 states increase fear of EE. UU.

New worrying signs emerged that it is spreading in the US on Friday. UU., Since cases not explained by trips abroad or contact with a person known to be infected in California , Oregon and the state of Washington.

Officials from the three states announced that their testing had found new cases: a high school student from north of Seattle; an employee of an elementary school in Oregon, near Portland; and a woman in California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Sixty-five cases of the virus have been reported in the US, but until this week, all of the cases could be explained by overseas travel or contact with someone who had been ill. The three new cases on Friday, and a case earlier in the week, in California, were the first in the US where the cause was mysterious and unknown - a sign, experts warned, that the virus, which has killed more than 2,800 people worldwide and sickened tens of thousands of others, might now be spreading in the US.

Despite the concerns, Trump defended the measures taken by his administration and lashed out at the Democrats who questioned his handling of the threat. Trump said the Democratic complaints about his handling of the virus threat are his new hoax intended to undermine his presidency.

Meanwhile, Iran is preparing for the possibility of tens of thousands of people getting tested for the new coronavirus as the number of confirmed cases rose again on Saturday, an official said. Covid-19 has killed 43 people out of 593 confirmed cases in Iran, said health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour. The new number represents a jump of 205 cases, an increase of 150% of the 388 reported the previous day.

South Korea, the second most affected country, reported 813 new cases on Saturday, the highest daily jump since it confirmed its first patient in January and increased its total to 3,150. In Italy, four more people died from coronaviruses, which raised the total to 21, while the number of those who tested positive jumped to 889 from 650 the previous day. Pakistan confirmed two more cases of coronavirus, raising the number of positive cases to four.

Saudi Arabia said it would ban citizens of the holiest sites of Islam in Mecca and Medina from concerns about the spread of the virus. The GCC is a group of six nations that includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. On Thursday, the country closed the sacred places to foreign pilgrims.

Officials in Ecuador confirmed on Saturday the first case of the virus in the nation. The Minister of Health, Catalina Andramuno Zeballos, said the patient was a 70-year-old Ecuadorian woman living in Spain. It was the second case in South America, after a Brazilian case reported on Wednesday. Meanwhile, officials confirmed a third case of the new coronavirus in Mexico.