Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, February 28: Badi Dadi returns Luv and Kush's phones to the Goenkas

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , the process of recovering data from Luv & Kush gets aborted midway & the professional tries again. Manish learn what Gayu helped Kartik & Naira to get Luv & Kush ’ phones, so he asks her to get their phones back from Naira .

Gayu asks Badi Dadi to talk to Naira & she gets teary-eyed. Kartik overhears Gayu & Badi Dadi ’s conversation. Luv & Kush ’s phone go missing. Dhruv leaves the table for some time. Suhasini Dadi gives Luv & Kush ’s phone to Manish but does not tell how she got them.

Naira meets Gayu Di outside Goenka house & asks if anyone at Goenka house have found Luv & Kush ’s phone. Gayu is upset with Naira & asks her to leave. She also tells Naira that she has not taken the phones. Naira meets Kairav & Vansh outside Goenka house. Vansh tells Naira that Luv & Kush broke the frame & Kairav has got hurt. Naira helps Kairav clean the wound. Naira asks Kairav to come with her & he agrees. But then he hears a police van’s siren & refuses to leave with Naira .

Surekha tells Naira that she wants to check Naira ’s bag. Surekha accuses Naira of trying to keep her sons away from her. Badi Dadi calls Gayu & tells her that she will do anything to maintain peace between her & the Goenkas. Naira asks Badi Dadi why she gave the phones to Goenka family. Badi Dadi says that she does not want them to fight against their own family & so she gave the phones to Suhasini .