Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Pashanam Shaji leaves the house for a medical checkup; Arya gets excited about her departure

The second season of big boss Malayalam has witnessed some unexpected departures for reasons other than a formal eviction. Surprisingly, in the last episode, Pashanam Shaji He was also seen leaving the house due to health problems.

In the episode, Shaji was seen talking to the camera saying that he is suffering from illness. big boss called Shaji into the confession room and the latter vented out his difficulties. After a while, the medical team examined and took him to the hospital for further medical check-up. Later, big boss announced the same adding that Shaji will return soon.

The announcement left Arya crying. Fukru comforted her by saying that Shaji is having some health problems even before and added that it is not due to any physical task.

Pashanam Shaji aka Saju Navodaya He is one of the strongest contenders of the season. In particular, he was selected as the captain of the house for the maximum number of times.

Surprisingly, it is not the first time that contestants leave the house for medical treatment. Earlier, Sucker Mathew , Alasandra , Raghu Reshma Alina Padikkal and Daya left the house due to an eye infection and three of them recently returned to the house. On the other hand, Pavan Gino and Somadas left the game due to health problems. However, BB fans are anxiously waiting for Shaji's return to the show.