Lok Janshakti Party will launch manifesto 6 months before Bihar polls

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to break the convention when it comes to electoral strategies, it will publish its manifesto or vision document on April 12, almost six months before the assembly elections in Bihar are scheduled.

chief, who is trying to invoke Bihari's pride by launching a Bihar First Bihari First in the state, said TOI That should be the center of a campaign, not caste or religion.

“Political parties should present their manifesto quickly so that elections are fought over development issues rather than caste and religion. We saw in Delhi how the whole campaign focused on religion and caste. We can't blame people because they don't know the manifesto. How can you weigh the options when the parties launch manifests only days before the vote? In some cases, manifests are released after a round of nominations is presented, ”said the Supreme of LJP.

The second time MP said that the main intention behind his new campaign is to revive the pride of the state and its people against the current bad perception of Bihari as a derogatory comment. Although sources said that LJP is pointing to a more important role for its young boss by 2025 and that grassroots work has begun with this campaign, Chirag said the main objective of this initiative is to bring the development agenda to the forefront during the elections.

Affirming that the campaign is not just for elections, he said: It is our goal to drive development in the state. As Independence Several states have grown, but we are left behind. This has been a concern for us. The CM has done a lot to build a solid foundation. But we need it to be number one. We will leave with a complete road map; We need to work in all sectors: health, education, law, order and infrastructure.

He added that the campaign will be extended to all sectors of society and will focus more on students and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, middle class, service class and farmers.