Ke Apon Ke By update, February 23: Param to meet Joba?

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Param returns home. Family members try to explain that they heard Joba's statement in court. Family members feel that what Joba did and the way she handled the matter, were justified. They request Param to stand by her and attend Joba’s next hearing.

To everyone's surprise, Param shares that he went to court.

Meanwhile, Joba and Tandra are face to face in prison. While Joba asks her to change herself to a better human being, Tandra wants to ruin the former’s life.

Kuhu waits outside her school. Rinki reaches the school to take her home. Rinki tries to console Kuhu, who wants to meet her mom. She goes to buy Kuhu an ice cream. Sanjay , in disguise of a balloon seller, meets Kuhu and offers her two balloons. I have promises to meet her on the next day too.

At home, Sarthak tries to defend his mom but Param is still miffed with Joba. Param says he could have played accordingly in the plan if Joba had informed him about it. Amiya explains that Param would never have allowed Joba to take the risk.

Mayuri secondes others and says Mitti , who is a part of Tandra and Sapnamay’s team might have told them about Joba’s plan.

The family members also request Param to meet Joba once.

Meanwhile, Kuhu and Rinki comeback. The family members ask Kuhu not to take anything from strangers.

In jail, Tandra challenges Joba. The staff informs Joba that one of her family members is here to meet him. Tandra mocks that Param will never come there to meet her.