Ravichandran attends the muhurtha of Adhuri Lover

Sandalwood star Ravichandran recently attended the muhurtha for the next Kannada film by Viraat Adhuri Lover. Viraat, who was very grateful that the legendary actor was present for the occasion, shared a thank you post on the Instagram social media platform with a title that read: ADDURI LOVER MUHURTHA ... ❤️Thanks for RAVI SIR for Su wonderful support ... I am a big fan of U sir❤️ I am very happy to be part of this team, it is more than a family ... ❤️ He bathes us with love and affection ❤️ LOVE U ALL ❤️ nViraat will join AP Arjun , for the second time after KISS, with the director supporting the film and the rookie Bharat Raghavendra who will direct Viraat in this movie. Actress Sanjana Anand It will be the protagonist of the film.

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