Violence in Delhi is a stain on our face, says Ram Vilas Paswan

NEW DELHI: Union Minister and BJP ally Ram Vilas Paswan described recent community violence in northeastern Delhi as a national spot on Saturday while seeking a speedy trial of cases by fast-track courts to ensure that not fulfill the same fate as the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 that lasted for years.

He added that the government should make a new law or amend any existing laws for faster trials and sentences in such cases.

Speaking to reporters at his residence after sending a chaadar to be offered in Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Paswan said: Can anyone call the riots less than a spot on the face when so many people have been brutally murdered and residential and commercial blocks ? were they set on fire? All this happened when the president of the United States was here. When the locals, both Hindus and Muslims, rescued each other, some disruptive elements created chaos. They have no religion, caste or creed.

When asked if he also demanded actions against all those who delivered hate speech, Paswan told TOI: “I will not go to the past. There is an ongoing investigation and I can assure you that the investigation will be neutral. Any person who is responsible for the disturbances, whether it has been a hate speech or anything else that has contributed to the disturbances, will be identified and the strictest measures must be taken against them. I am sure that all these cases will be tried in a fast track court. Justice delayed should not be repeated is justice denied as it has been in the case of anti-Sikh riots in which people still expect justice.

The minister said the government is serious and that is why national security adviser Ajit Doval visited the areas of disturbance and assured the people of the action.

Previously, Paswan's son and Party President Lok Janshakti, Chirag, had demanded actions against the perpetrators of the violence and also against the BJP leaders, Anurag Thakur and Kapil Mishra, for delivering provocative speeches.