Ayodhya prepares for the construction of the mandir

AYODHYA: Heavy earthmoving machines entered Ramjanmabhoomi facilities on Saturday afternoon, marking the beginning of the construction of the Ram Mandir.

The impromptu temple chief priest said: The machines have begun to level the earth and clean bushes and heavy bushes ... It is a joyful time for Hindus in India and abroad, since we are now free of 500 years of slavery.

The 67.7-acre complex also houses more than 12 ancient temples, including Ram and Janamsthan, which are in ruins. No rituals have been performed here since 1993, when the Center acquired land. Nothing is known about the Ram Mandir Trust, which will present the plan of the Ram Mandir, about whether these temples would be renovated or annexed to the design of the main temple. Dr., a trustee, said: The Trust will decide the fate of these structures and restart the worship.

As first reported by TOI, Ram Lalla's idols will be displaced 150m from the sanctum sanctorium to the northeast for nine days Ram Navami to make way for the construction of the temple. Highly located sources in Ayodhya royal Bimlendra's office confirmed this to TOI.

The Vishwa has also completed the transfer of carved and uncarved marble to the Ramjanambhoomi facilities.

The displacement of the stones will be carried out from the back of the city of Ayodhya at night to avoid traffic grunts.