Ke Apon Ke By update, February 27: Sanjay places a bomb inside Kuhu school

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Joba He is relieved after returning home. She asks Param to bring Kuhu back home Param says he will pick up her. As he intends to leave, Joba gets a call from Sanjay who keeps his identity under the wrap.

He mocks Joba and says pretty soon she will lose everything. When Joba asks him to share the details, Sanjay says that Kuhu along with her entire school will be finished before she reaches there.

Joba gets anxious listening to this. She rushes towards Kuhu’s school.

At school, students are seen attending classes. Sanjay enters the disguised premises.

Joba guesses that the anonymous caller might be speaking about a bomb . Proving her guess to be right, Sanjay sneaks inside with the intention of fitting bomb .

Pretty soon, Joba realises that Sanjay must be the caller. She decides to talk to Sarthak and ask him to contact the cops. Meanwhile, Sanjay materializes his plan and fits the bomb s inside the classroom. He thinks that Kuhu along with other children will die soon.

Sarthak informs other family members about the bomb . He seeks help from police and rushes to help his parents.

Joba informs the school authority about the bomb . The news creates panic among the staff and students.

The parents also learn the news and gather at the school gate, while the cops try to calm them down. Joba reaches the spot and enters the school. She asks Kuhu and her friends to stay calm. The bomb squad is yet to reach the venue.