Exclusive: Rashami Desai of Bigg Boss 13 reacts to fans who want him to marry Asim's brother, Umar Riaz

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai got along with Asim Riaz during your stay in the house. Recently she was seen partying with him, Himanshi Khurana and Asim's brother, Umar.

Since fans saw their photos, they linked Rashami and Umar and supported them. Recently, we met Rashami almost the same and this is how she reacted to #UmRash (Umar and Rashami)

Oh! When I saw it, I laughed. I talked to Umar too and we laughed about it. He told me that he understands that it is an integral part of my profession and that it is the love of fans. It's okay. They are taking pictures together. It is really fun. But we are only friends and there is nothing else, said the actress.

Rashami has made it very clear that they are only good friends and that nothing can happen beyond that. He also reacted to the images and hashtags that fans are creating for both of them.

In fact, fans had even asked Umar's father to approve Rashami as his daughter-in-law. Umar is a surgeon by profession and was the one who advocated the entire Asim campaign on social networks.

Fans are absolutely in love with Umar and Rashami's couple. During Family Week inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, Umar sought Rashami's permission before hugging her and Internet users thought it was cute.

Asim and Rashami were good friends in BB 13 and always supported each other during the show. Uttaran actress considers Asim her family. She said she was lucky to have a friend like him. He even added that Asim is someone who is a true and true friend. He is someone who will always be there to guide and make others feel special.