Ahmedabad: Trapped with honey with dating lure, deceived man of Rs 4.5 lakh

AHMEDABAD: a 26-year-old boy, a resident of Vastrapur from Kolkata, who is a consultant for a private company, fell into a trap created by cyber traps, which attracted him with the promise of chatting with a dating application. .

The cheats took him Rs 4,59,415 before he realized that he had been deceived. They had threatened to upload their identity document on social media and defame it.

The young man first approached the cyber cell on February 2 and finally hosted a FIR at the Vastrapur police station. The ACP A division, Mukesh Patel, said it has filed a crime for cheating under Sections 406, 420, 506 (1) and 114 of the IPC.

We have the phone numbers that the cheats called the victim to demand money. We will track these numbers and the bank account in which they made the victim pay the money, he added.

According to the FIR presented by the victim, in December 2019, he thought about chatting with a woman online. “Through a search engine, he obtained a number and a photo of a woman on a dating website. He called the number, but the person on the other side, she was not the one he called, said a Vastrapur police officer.

He received a missed call of the same number at approximately noon when he was at work. He called at 2 in the afternoon. The person at the other end identified himself as Dimpy and said he ran a dating agency.

According to FIR, she asked the victim her location to organize a meeting with a girl. She said she would first have to become a member of the club, paying 1,000 rupees. The victim paid the money in a bank account specified by the woman.

The woman called him again and asked for his identity card and email address and how old he wanted the woman to be. Then he provided his identity card to the woman.

The woman sent him two photos of women on WhatsApp, and he chose a 26-year-old woman and deposited Rs 22,400. The tricks then caused the victim to pay a total of Rs 4,59,415 for various excuses before realizing that he had been deceived.

When he asked for his money back, the cheats threatened to say that they would upload his photo to social networks and defame him, a police officer said.